Paving Roundabout

Hard Landscaping

We specialise in all aspects of substructure, surfacing and street furniture

Experts in Landscaping, Paving, Drainage and Subsurface Civil Engineering

Mackin Construction specialises in hard landscaping packages, including all substructure and surfacing. We are renowned for our hard and soft landscaping projects, providing communal spaces unique to each project.

Our experienced team have the skills to meet the demands of large corporate and commercial projects, whilst providing our smaller clients with the same professional service. We offer cost and value engineering consultancy because our knowledge of materials and finishes is second to none. Whether it’s high quality granite or limestone, we’ll provide the right material in-line with our client’s budget. We understand the importance of a professional finish and how our work impacts the credibility of our clients. When you work with us, we guarantee that professional results are delivered every time.

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