Deep Excavation pit2

Deep Excavation

Excavation is a specialist civil engineering discipline which is increasing in demand due to crowded urban landscapes.

Experienced in Excavation and all the Challenges this can Uncover

Mackin has successfully carried out excavations of various shapes and sizes, in diverse ground conditions using numerous methodologies.

In addition to being able to correctly and safely carry out a deep excavation, works of this nature also need to be planned and overseen by our professionally trained staff who have many years’ experience in this area. Ranging from long and shallow pits to short and deep trenches.

Our staff, who we believe are the best in the groundwork industry, understand deep excavations from planning to implementation. There are numerous ways to carry out an excavation, most of which require in-depth knowledge and experience of specific construction principles.

These include:

  • Mechanical excavation,
  • Shoring & earthwork support,
  • Avoidance of underground services and apparatus,
  • De-watering,
  • Ground contamination management,
  • Confined space working
Deep Excavation Drainage