Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Security

Sporting Event Security Measures

Installation of security road blockers, barriers & bollards within the Olympic site to help prevent vehicle borne attacks

Installed Airport level Security Measures within Olympic Park

Scope of Works:

Partnering with Volker Fitzpatrick, Mackin installed security measures at more than 20 key locations across the Olympic Park.


  • A temporary works area was set up on site including a site office and ‘goods in’ secured compound.
  • Traffic and pedestrian management measures were introduced in liaison with the main contractor.
  • Works were carried out to excavate and install; ducting for power supply; below ground high strength reinforced concrete; and foundations for security control panels.
  • Reinstatement works included tarmac and paving.
  • Military grade, stone filled, ‘Hesco Barriers’ were installed at key locations across the Olympic Park.


  • Co-ordination works to ensure they did not delay other critical works occurring across the Olympic Park.
  • Post-games Mackin decommissioned the site security measures and salvaged the normally one-time use vehicle blockers’, for reuse.


All works delivered on time. And salvage of the vehicle blockers saved the client a considerable sum of money.

Client Name
Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA)
Main Contractor
Volker Fitzpatrick
Mackin Value
16 Months
  • Olympic Park Security Measures
  • Olympic Park
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